How many words should content articles have?

So you’ve embarked on the task of writing original, vital, refreshing, awe-inspiring content for your website. That’s great! But here’s a question:  how many words should each of your content articles have?

Keep content articles short and to the point

This is a question some SEO experts have never contemplated, but there is an answer; or a couple of answers.  Generally speaking, keep your content to a single page with a word count between 250 to 300 words.

A single page because readers don’t want to click through multiple pages to get the gist of what you’re talking about; 250 to 300 words because this works best to optimize your content for natural search.

Add visual breaks to your content

It’s also a good idea to to visually break up your content with subheadings to ensure readers can scan your information quickly. If the information in the subheading is what they’re looking for, they’ll scan/read the information in the paragraph below it.

Keep it short and sweet

Be sure to make your sentences and paragraphs short and sweet.  Think newspaper journalism style rather than the gargantuan-paragraphed thesis papers you wrote in college.

Short sentences make for a quick read.

Long, meandering sentences which try to squeeze too much information onto a website page to impress readers can be difficult to decipher, confusing to comprehend, and take too long to digest.


Granted, depending on your subject many readers will be willing to delve more deeply into longer content. Best practice is to know what your audience is looking for and write concisely and to the point.


About Harvest Moon Publishing

Author: Ginny Bayes | As managing partner of Harvest Moon Publishing, Bayes has overseen the companies' television convergence sales programs and content provider services for 16 years. The company also provides extensive content developing and marketing services for broadcasters, businesses, and interactive agencies. Previously, Bayes owned Bayes & Associates Advertising, a Denver advertising and public relations agency. She also authored weekly commercial and residential real estate columns for The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.
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