Top 15 List of Misspelled Words

We’ve all done it. One minute you’re typing away with a new idea for a blog, tweet, or website page when your brain freezes like you took too big a gulp of a 7-11 Slurpee and you can’t remember how to spell the simplest word.

The more you try to spell it correctly, the weirder it looks.  So you look away from the screen and imagine your third grade classroom when the word first appeared on the chalkboard behind your teacher’s head. Nope… that doesn’t help.

Calendar or calender?

You type more slowly, now having lost your train of thought completely.  Calendar?  Does it really end with “dar?”  Hmmm….. “Der?”  Is it “der?”

Welcome to the world wide Web of spelling.  Sadly, spelling errors on websites, blogs, and tweets are a widespread problem.  Sometimes there’s just not enough time to proofread before you publish your pages.

The Top 15

Although there are hundreds of misspelled words floating around cyberspace on a regular basis, here’s a top fifteen list of commonly used words for businesses.  Remember these and you’ll be on your way to better spelling.

  1. calendar – often misspelled ending with “er”
  2. acceptable – commonly misspelled as “acceptible”
  3. category – only one “a” in this word — note the middle “e”
  4. equipment – often incorrectly spelled as “equiptment”
  5. it’s – only use this as a contraction of “it is”
  6. occasionally – more than occasionally misspelled
  7. occurrence – this word has many occurrences of incorrect spellings
  8. questionnaire – two n’s in this word
  9. separate – keep two a’s in the middle
  10. believe – no really, believe it
  11. schedule – begins like “school”
  12. you’re / your – just remember “you’re” is a contraction for  “you are”
  13. their / they’re – “they’re” is simply a contraction of “they are”
  14. receive – the old “i before e except after c” rule
  15. judgement – don’t forget both e’s

About Harvest Moon Publishing

Author: Ginny Bayes | As managing partner of Harvest Moon Publishing, Bayes has overseen the companies' television convergence sales programs and content provider services for 16 years. The company also provides extensive content developing and marketing services for broadcasters, businesses, and interactive agencies. Previously, Bayes owned Bayes & Associates Advertising, a Denver advertising and public relations agency. She also authored weekly commercial and residential real estate columns for The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.
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