Website Content – What Sets You Apart from Your Competitors?

When it comes to marketing your business, what sets you apart from your competitors? That’s the first question you should ask yourself when writing content for your website. What is your number one selling point — or benefit to potential customers — that will instantly set you apart from the crowd?

Focus on Your Main Benefit to Customers

When it comes to making an impact with your site visitors, it’s essential to tell them quickly and concisely what you can do for them.  To decide what that is, ask yourself these questions:

  • How will my product or service make my customers’ lives better?
  • How is my product or service different from my competitors?
  • What benefit will using my product or service give my customers?

From your answers, you’ll probably find the key benefit to tell your customer about in your website headlines, pages, and content.

For example, if you sell affordable socks, your headline could read:
Affordable socks for any wardrobe or weather

If you sell high quality socks meant for cold weather, your headline could read:
-The warmest, highest quality socks can now be yours

If you sell socks handmade in your community, your headline could read:
-Locally made socks to warm your feet and your soul

Think From Your Customer’s Perspective

Just be sure when you’re writing for potential customers that you think as they think.  Many marketing programs fail at the outset because marketing directors design campaigns and write Web content to appeal to themselves or their boss, and not to their audience.


About Harvest Moon Publishing

Author: Ginny Bayes | As managing partner of Harvest Moon Publishing, Bayes has overseen the companies' television convergence sales programs and content provider services for 16 years. The company also provides extensive content developing and marketing services for broadcasters, businesses, and interactive agencies. Previously, Bayes owned Bayes & Associates Advertising, a Denver advertising and public relations agency. She also authored weekly commercial and residential real estate columns for The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.
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