Google Tips for Top Website Content

Don’t re-invent the wheel when it comes your website content. Just follow Google’s tips to improve your website ranking.

Originalcontent is key

Google and other search engines will actually lower your website rank if your content is auto-generated, sends visitors to affiliate websites, or uses free, duplicate content that appears on sites across the Web.

Your content needs to be fresh, original, and give real value to your site visitors.  Consider adding these content types to make your website’s content original and helpful to customers:

  • How-to advice – Offering free, how-to tips will establish your company as expert in your field and build trust with current and prospective customers.
  • Customer testimonials – There’s nothing better than having someone else tell your prospective customers how great your company is.  But beware. Don’t be tempted to fluff up your site with fake testimonials. Use real words from real people and watch your sales curve go up.
  • Add a newsletter – Offer a free subscription to a company newsletter that features company news, customer incentives, product coupons — whatever content will keep your customer’s happy and build a long-term relationship with them.
  • Buying tips – Give your customers the inside track of what features would work best for them for a particular product.  For example, if you’re selling cameras, offer tips on how to match a camera’s features to your customer’s photography style.  Product reviews and product comparisons are also great content to add to your site.

The right keywords make all the difference

Before writing your content, take time to research what keywords or keyword phrases will attract the most visitors from natural search queries.  Google and many other companies offer free keyword tools for this purpose. By refining your keyword selections, and using them appropriately in your content, you’ll see your page rank improve.

Ginny Bayes is managing partner of Local Content Now, a Denver-based firm which provides original content to television stations, businesses, and advertising agencies. For more information visit: Local Content Now. Local Content Now is the content development arm of Harvest Moon Publishing.


About Harvest Moon Publishing

Author: Ginny Bayes | As managing partner of Harvest Moon Publishing, Bayes has overseen the companies' television convergence sales programs and content provider services for 16 years. The company also provides extensive content developing and marketing services for broadcasters, businesses, and interactive agencies. Previously, Bayes owned Bayes & Associates Advertising, a Denver advertising and public relations agency. She also authored weekly commercial and residential real estate columns for The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.
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One Response to Google Tips for Top Website Content

  1. Cheryl Wagner says:

    Wow! So interesting. I never calculated the actual cost in time of using social media. Thanks.

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