About Us

Revenue Programs for Broadcast Media

Harvest Moon Publishing is known for innovative and profitable revenue programs for television stations across the U.S.  By creating topic-based websites and print magazines, as well as utilizing traditional and social media campaigns, Harvest Moon has generated virtually millions of dollars in revenue for its clients.

Content Management and Development

Since 2007, Harvest Moon has provided full content marketing and development services to broadcast media, businesses, and advertising agencies. Our expertise in content writing, organic search optimization, and landing page development has increased the quality score and page rank of innumerable clients.

Ginny Bayes, Managing Partner

Ginny Bayes, CEO of Harvest Moon Publishing, has extensive experience in the fields of advertising, interactive marketing, writing, and content development.

Prior to founding Harvest Moon Publishing in 1997, Bayes was president of Bayes & Associates Advertising, a Denver advertising and public relations agency. The company represented more than 70 clients ranging from small businesses to large-sized companies.

Bayes was also a weekly columnist for the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ginnybayes